We’ve come to the fruit

There’s an Italian saying that goes, Siamo alla frutta, We’ve come to the fruit! I came across it on a blog about Italy. And you know Italians and good (comforting) food go hand in hand. They love to linger at the table after dinner. Anyone who loves the culture of food, family and wine does. It’s often so nostalgic towards the end, especially when the weight of a full bodied wine is tip-toeing on your lips, the stories that take you down memory lane…

But as with all great evenings, as with all great things, they have to come to an end. Italians use that phrase once it’s all over. They can be so dramatic about food! I can too! Once the last course, which is normally fruit, comes out, they know the evening has come to and end.

The phrase really spoke to me at 28. I started blogging in the closet( I wrote this post on the 31st of July 2015) and wrote about how I felt it was all over. One year down the line, I feel slightly different about that.

When I look back at my earlier years, I think the world was so forgiving. You’d fall madly in love with someone who’s clearly not for you, and the world excuses your naivety, you over

indulge, add a few pounds and all you need to do is a couple of jogs, deny yourself the spoils that got you there in the first place, and bam! you’re back in shape! You make bad decisions, you over-spend, you drink too much,  throw up on yourself at a party (I’ve been there)..and the world forgets, it gives you a second chance….over and over again!

Then…..when you’re older, that croissant settles on your hips so overtly, that relationship with that guy which you knew deep down wouldn’t work, traumatizes you…….for life (or so you think at the time). There’s a constant reminder, a baby…a tattoo. (They’re both permanent but at least you can cover up a tattoo!) And it’s like life has stopped giving you second chances. No warning that no matter how many sit ups you do, that slice of Death (by chocolate) will sit on your waistline arrogantly for months! (or in form of a pimple for those who suffer the curse of acne).

So you now have to diet….you have to be cautious with who you date….(and at some point end up having outrageous and unrealistic expectations of what guys should bring to the table…..you don’t go out as often…you have to do this and that….and not do this and that….just to stay alive! But……do you have to give up things you like……give up on people you love and hurt you…..just to stay alive? I think, more often than not, you do. And when that happens, I really feel you’ve come to the fruit, it’s all over, or is it?

Does the party have to be over? Just because you’ve come to the fruit. Maybe I should have stuck a bottle of rum in the watermelon just so that I look forward to the damn end! With all the trials and tribulations……I hate this phrase. Let me start again. With all the shit you go through in life sometimes you need that molecule the Greeks and Egyptians invented in 7000 BC to usher you gracefully through tougher times!

I’ve began to enjoy my party, one fruit at a time…….with a cheeky desert in the middle….more than once in a while. Because I believe having a healthy mind, body and spirit go beyond clocking kilometers on the treadmill. It’s about God, family, friends, a job you love, a hobby you enjoy even more, and carbohydrate.

Lots of Love,



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