An Ode To The Water Infuser

A lot of people have been asking me about the recipes that I’ve been posting to use with the water bottles I’m selling. This is both a story of how and why I got into it. The response has been overwhelming and I am grateful. I actually didn’t think I had an entrepreneurial bone in my body but the fact that I am slowly finding a bridge between both a product that is helping me and a new business venture is such a blessing and hopefully a small sign that I am on the right track to finding purpose. The bottle itself looks like it’s in a pensive mood. Like it has purpose itself! Lol.

I generally have always struggled with water. And when I finally do get to drink I really struggle with those plastic water bottles in the supermarket, especially the SeeFar ones. They tend to smell after some time, no matter how much they are washed. I think it’s the chemical reaction with saliva and the water bottle. Eeeeew.

Move over to the “BPA free” bottles and they have never really flown with me either. They are still plastic. They are also sold at extortionate prices because it says BPA. BPA actually stands for Bisphenol–A. Its chemical structure is similar to oestrogen and studies have shown that its presence in every day products and the fact that it is slightly biologically active has required it to be withdrawn in some products. Mind you, BPA is present in the mineral water bottles which are re-fillable. And that’s where I’d normally get water from to put in my water bottle. But I’d rather chota from a dispenser and then into a glass bottle than actually drink from a plastic bottle all day, whether it is BPA free or not. Before I got a glass water bottle I’d use a glass or a stainless steel flask.

I was sitting at work window shopping from the comfort of my mobile when I saw them online. But initially I saw the plastic ones. I thought it was a great idea but I still couldn’t do the plastic. I looked for glass ones and initially just bought one for myself.

It literally changed my life. It’s versatile because I could use it for both tea and fruit. I gag sometimes when I’m taking water in several gulps just to get the 500ml out of the way. And for someone who exercises, suffers acne and is growing natural hair, I need it big time. 3 months ago I replaced half my glasses of wine with hot drinks. Then I replaced half my caffeinated drinks with Milo.  Then I replaced half of my halved caffeinated drinks (is this confusing yet?) with 500ml of infused water.

My favorite infusion is Cucumber, Mint, Ginger and Lime. It’s literally been celebrated as the facial from the inside. My skin looks ace. And somehow, even my occasional acne scar doesn’t stand out as much. The spots on my chest have improved. I mean, Mahatma Gandhi’s inspiring 21 day fast was revolutionary, but even he drank small sips of water, with lemon in it.

The water bottle comes in two sizes. And you can do different things with it. The truth is sometimes I drink water from a glass and just stare at it because it’s also quite pretty. He he. Please get in touch with me if you’d like to know more about the bottle. I did a demonstration for a group a few weeks ago and the feedback was great. I must say though that I’ve gotten a lot of questions if it can be used in the gym. It’s made of very hard glass but unfortunately it’s still too fragile for the gym. I keep the 500ml bottle at my desk in the office, a 300ml one in the car and a second 300ml bottle at my bedside so I have no excuse.

P.S. Please do not drown your kidneys. Water is healthy for you, but everything has its limits. Too much water can dilute stuff like the sodium in your body which helps keep a lot of things balanced. It also counts toward your total blood volume which is contained within a closed system (your body) so you might put unnecessary strain on your heart to pump extra volume around it. A woman once died from drinking 7 litres of water in a challenge called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii!” Totally not worth it, 🙁

Lots of Love,


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